I finally bought some Creatine powder.  I guess I needed it, too, because I feel pretty damn good right now.  I recently downed a serving and am totally alert.  I don't know whether it is because I'm getting closer to coming out of a depressive state or if it works that fast for my body.  Whatever the case, I feel awesome this afternoon.  I'll use the daily maintenance dose of it until I start working out some time this week.  I could have gone back to sleep for a nap but chose to stay awake.  Now I feel wonderful.  I know I'm getting closer to my goals.  Fuck letting everyone else hold me down.  This is going to end up being a great rest of my life.  I'll start working out this week.  I have my weights and shit.  I'm already proud of myself this afternoon, but I'm really going to be proud of myself when I gain that muscle mass.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hdromana


    May 22, 2017