Adult The More I Fight............

The more I fight and bitch about people crawling up my ass, the more they do it.  Dad heard beeping over the phone today.  One of us is being wiretapped with a shitty wiretap.  Also, I keep seeing a little dos screen pop up when I'm online like someone is hacking my computer again.  What?  What am I doing that is so wrong?  I guess a woman staying single has to be terrorized in this country as well.  No matter what I do, someone is always sniffing all up on my ass.  I could be like Mother Theresa or some shit and they'd still crawl up my ass wanting to know my personal business.  If I'm doing something illegal, fucking arrest me already.  Otherwise, fuck off and get out of my freaking ass whoever you are.   If you think it's right to invade my privacy, perhaps someone needs to shoot your ass.  I would, if I knew everyone that was behind this assault, but I don't even own a gun.  Why must people invade my personal space all of the time?  Geez.  What the hell is so important or special about me that I have to deal with space invaders since being in my twenties?  Focus on someone that's planning to bomb us, not my ass.  Duh.  That's why so many places are getting terrorized.  Ya got people crawling up MY ass instead of hunting terrorists.  Fucking morons.  Did you find a bomb schematic on my fucking computer?  NO BECAUSE I'M NOT DOING A FUCKING THING TO HARM ANYONE.  

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