Someone Named Spooky

Someone else must be feeding Spooky.  She's all scared of me like she reverted back to completely feral again.  There's nothing I can do about it.  I just hope she's happy wherever she is getting fed now.  I'm going to miss her cute little face looking at me like she used to.  I tried with her.  She was one of the originals, so I definetely miss her.  At least she's alive and not too skinny like she was when she first came to the house to eat.  I can only pray that she's safe.  I can only pray for the kitties and feed them.  That's the best that I can do.  It shouldn't have come to this anyway.  If people would take care of their own cats and get them fixed, there wouldn't be so many coming to my house to eat.  I don't mind, but still.............  Oh well, in general, most people suck, and I can't make them behave like thoughtful human beings.

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