Adult Shit Happens

I may get fired tomorrow, but then again, I may just be too worried.  I started cussing my brains out when the garbage bag broke all over the floor near the end of my shift.  I really didn't want to be at work today anyway.  It was supposed to be my day off, but the manager changed the schedule.  I did the best I could today, but I still fucked up.  If I get fired, I know I will end up keeping my check.  I may have to file for bankruptcy, but I will still keep my check.  I think seeing another Ed look alike set me off too.  God help me.

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Comments (2)

  1. sarahb1218

    Yeah, shit happens! I don’t think you’ll be fired, it doesn’t seem too big of an issue.

    August 07, 2017
    1. hdromana

      I worry a lot.

      August 07, 2017