Adult Random Ramblings of the Mind

Well, I'm on a mood stabilizer again now.  It feels a lot better than drinking.  I can't drink with this stuff anyway, so God is good.  I feel much more alert and happy.

I got two six packs of Fila socks last night at work.  They were marked down to $2.99.  I got them for a total of $4 and some change with my employee discount.  I think they are really cute too.  I want to go to work early today so that I can pick some things out and put them on layaway.  I can't buy a lot because I may gain weight with the Depakote.  I'm really happy right now.

I had stopped praying for the cats and two of them ended up getting hit by a car.  Needless to say, I'm praying for them again.  I have to remember to not get discouraged.  I want my babies safe.

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