Adult Oh Lord

Ya know...........if people don't want me around them, they shouldn't go out of their way to come and see me.  They shouldn't have people following me around or spying on me either.  I'm probably dealing with shapeshifters again.  Whatever the case is, yeah I took a break from the band's music.  Does that mean these people have to travel down here and look at me?  I don't even care anymore.  I have a life of my own.  I have to worry about that.  What makes people think I want anything to do with them after "Get the fuck away from me!"  That's fine.  I wasn't near them, but it hit my computer.  I was just listening to music and thinking the one guy was cute.  Big deal.  It didn't require the hostility.  After I find out what road my life is headed on, maybe I'll go back to school and learn a trade that doesn't require a lot of hours to make a decent check.  Who knows?  I don't need a man in my life, especially if they say shit like that online.  I'm not even remotely stalking anyone at this point.  People are just fucking assholes.

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