Adult Morons

There is one particular manager that seems to have a problem with me at work.  The other ones seem to like me.  I'm about sick of her getting on my case.  I don't know if it's a racist thing or not.  If she continues to fuck with me and single me out to jump on, I'm going to have to do something to make her back off or find another job.  She acts as though she thinks I'm faking my illness or something, first of all.  She shows little tolerance and unprofessionally repremands me in front of other employees and customers.  Needless to say, she has an attitude problem.  Her unprofessionalism yesterday brought me down.  Then the store manager got on my case about smiling.  WTF?  No one keeps a constant smile on their face.  I wasn't even at the register when she did that.  I felt like choking both of them, but obviously, I am fully aware that is not an option.  I was supposed to be off and get my injection today, but the store manager wants me to work.  I guess I have to get my injection Wednesday.  As much as I'm starting to hate going into work, I need the hours.  I may end up with over 30 hours this week.  If I find that I can handle it now, I may hunt for a full-time job closer to home.  Besides, I go through shit at this job that I never went through at any other one.  Things that are fine and professional in other jobs are not accepted at this one.  If an acting front of house manager can pile her ass into a shopping cart and have one of the male employees push her all over the store at closing, there's something wrong with the work environment.  Some of these people act like little fucking kids, yet I'm the one who keeps getting fucked with.  I will be very glad when my mother finds a job, because then if I have to, I can take a pay cut and go somewhere else to work my way up.  Maybe my degree will come in handy after all.  I can work somewhere as an assistant manager or something and make sure the place is serious and professional on my shift.  I think I need power in my life.  I'm tired of being a pee on that gets peed on.  Yes, there are nice people at work, but there are a great many that need to grow the fuck up and get a reality check.  I could go higher up and fuck these people over with the way they act and behave as a true Scorpio, but for now, I'm going to just do the best that I can.  If it's not good enough at this job, oh yeah, I'm going to tell the higher ups that these managers don't know how to act on my way out.  All they have to do is view the camera and see that I'm not a liar.  Fucking idiots.

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