Adult Flashbacks

I remember when Gabby lived across the street.  I went through all sorts of crazy shit when she was around.  I know why, but it broke my heart to face it.  After she moved, they found a tape recorder and stuff.  This stuff was obviously being used to spy on people, probably me, while I was at her home.  That explains a lot.  It also makes me glad that she lost everything, including her home when she broke her hip.  All of the comments and wasn't supernatural or paranoia.  I was being violated.  I feel so angry now that I am flashing back to this rude monstrosity.  I hope the bitch croaked and that she's in hell now.  I don't care what happens to her now that I'm realizing what she did to me.  She probably got paid to do that shit.  Once it stopped she went broke.  She definitely suffered a great deal for violating me like that and causing overmedication problems.  I didn't need two antipsychotics for paranoia.  I'm dealing with barely any bullshit since the bitch left on just one antipsychotic.  They were trying to drive me so crazy that my life would be fucked.  Now her life is fucked.  She couldn't take anything that she owned with her to the nursing home.  They dumped everything on the side of the road.  It was also mentioned that there was a computer connection in her shed.  I don't know whether or not I believe that, but I know I was being torn down and that they were at war with me.  It is hard to believe that someone would stoop that low to harm someone.  I hope if she is still alive, that she is still suffering for what she did to me.  It hurts that people would be so intimidated by the concept of my success in life that they would go out of their way to make me feel like no medication was going to help me.  Yes, I have some problems, but they weren't even that bad when the illness first started and I didn't know my head from my ass.  If I sound cruel for the way that I feel, sorry, but to violate another human being's privacy in that manner is criminal and wrong.  People shouldn't do that to other people.  If they didn't like what I had to say, they shouldn't have been so fucking nosey.  I hope all that were involved run into bad luck and tragedy, since that's all they gave me.

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