Ah Yeah

I feel good tonight.  I dyed my hair again and got rid of the roots.  The only problem is that I did it myself instead of letting my mother do it.  Some areas of my skin look like I colored my hair with permanent marker where I missed with the vaseline to protect it.  LOL.  I guess I gotta do some more scrubbing tomorrow when I take my shower before work.  Other than that, my hair looks good as long as I pencil in my eyebrows.  Brown eyebrows with black hair on pale skin looks strange.  My mother said that I penciled in the brows too dark today.  I dunno, I tend to think black is black any way you look at it.  Some people like my haircolor while others don't.  My mother and Cowboy say it's too dark for my pale skin, more or less.  I remember when I did it while I was with Ron.  I thought I looked really cute.  I'm the one who has to wear it, so I better like it.  I did it to myself.  I can always call it my "goth" contribution to society.  LOL.  I'm going to be wearing red lipstick with this now instead of black or shaded black and red lips.  It's toned down.  I got bored with my other color.

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  1. laylashipp

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    July 16, 2017